2005 - Michael Salzman
2006 - J.O. Jr. and Marlene Stewart
2007 - Mary Ann Dodson
2008 - Wilma Salzman
2010 - Carol Johnson
2011 - Our Supporters!
2012 - Bruce Nehring
In previous years, the El Paso Summer Music Festival has recognized honorees with gratitude for their generosity, largess, and big hearts. These persons are pillars in our community and will continue to be honored. Their impact in the arts and to the lives of many is invaluable. Yet, this year, in the uncertain times of busy lives and stretched wallets, we have learned that contribution comes in many forms.
It comes from resources that are often overlooked.

So, in 2011, the El Paso Summer Music Festival has chosen to
honor a special group of supporters.


... the patron that has been the first to buy tickets and attend each year's performance

... the teacher that cried for joy when her students received EPSMF awards

... the teachers guiding their students through the application processes in our programs

... the parents who have encouraged their children to pursue their music and participate
   in our programs and the community

... the business owner who partners with our non-profit organization

… the individuals who have stepped up to guide EPSMF through new endeavors

... the community members who have opened their homes and hearts to support a small
   organization  working to make a big difference in others' lives through music.

…the individuals who have taken extra measures and time to support  and participate in
  our outreach programs

... every member of our audiences, past and present

We love the arts. We love music. We want to see the arts thrive.
We’ve found support in the smallest and biggest of honorable ways through all of you.

May you always have music in your hearts.

2009 - Beverly and Ken Jinkerson
2013 - Jimmy Olivas
2014 - Melissa Colgin Abeln
Each year EPSMF
honors a member of the El Paso community for
his or her untiring efforts, support, and
dedication to the arts in El Paso.

2015 - Tribute to Michael Salzman
2016 - Socorro Diamondstein
2017 - Fay LaFon

"Heart of Gold"